Red Hills


Collaborative Regional Alliance for Farmer Training

CRAFT was created in upstate New York in 1994 as a way to teach farm interns by offering opportunities for them to learn from different farmers in the region. Since then many other groups across the US and Canada have started chapters, and function in various ways to educate farmers, interns and the public alike. We are proud to join the ranks with the first ever Florida CRAFT chapter!
Red Hills CRAFT Goals
At the Red Hills Small Farm Alliance we know that farmers learn best from each other. The goal of Red Hills CRAFT is to encourage farmer to farmer education and networking through scheduled on farm field days. The public will not be excluded from these events, but this effort is for farmer education. Field days will be held at farms using sustainable growing practices only. 
Field Day Structure
Each field day will be no longer than 2.5 hours. The event will consist of:
  • A brief tour of the farm 
  • An in depth workshop on a single aspect of the farm the farmer feels they do well
  • Time for questions and networking
Field Day Fees:
Fees go toward paying costs incurred putting on CRAFT field days.
Red Hills Farmer Members: $5 per person
Non-Members: $10 per person
Covid 19 Update:
Covid 19 has thrown a wrench in our planned in person CRAFT field days. We will do virtual events until it is safe to again meet in person. Stay safe!
Next CRAFT Field Day:
Figuring Out Cost of Production
Host: Full Earth Farm via Zoom
Date: Sunday March 14, 2021 at 4pm EST
Join farmers Katie, Aaron and Rose (Full Earth Farm) in a discussion on Full Earth Farm's journey into figuring out the cost of producing the food they grow. They will talk about what it takes to figure out cost of production, why it is important for farm businesses, and what tools they have used to determine what crops are making them money, and which ones aren't. This virtual field day is FREE!