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Red Hills


Collaborative Regional Alliance for Farmer Training

History of CRAFT
CRAFT was born in upstate New York in 1994 as a way to teach farm interns by offering opportunities for them to learn from different farmers in the region. Since then many other groups across the US and Canada have started chapters, and function in various ways to educate farmers, interns and the public alike. We are proud to join the ranks with the first ever Florida CRAFT chapter!

Red Hills CRAFT Goals
At the Red Hills Small Farm Alliance we know that farmers learn best from each other. The goal of Red Hills CRAFT is to encourage farmer to farmer education and networking through scheduled on and off farm workshops. The public will not be excluded from these events, but this effort is for farmer education.

CRAFT Workshop Fees:
Red Hills Farmer Members: $5 per person
Non-Members: $10 per person

Upcoming Workshops
Compost and Soil Management
with Sundiata Ameh-El of Compost Community
Sunday, May 26, 2024, 3-5pm
Compost Community, 514 Dunn St, Tallahassee FL
Contact: Rose Karabush,
What to Bring: Pen and paper.

Learn about soil structure, microbiology, soil food web, compost recipe, compost extract & tea, and mycorrhizal fungi with Sundiata Ameh-El of Compost Community.

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