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There has been an explosion of shopping through the RHO Market the past couple of weeks! We are proud that our farmers and staff have been able to meet the needs of our community. Our sales have more than tripled their usual numbers as has the amount of shoppers on the market. This is all great, but is requiring some changes to how the market will be run for the time being. Here are the changes producers and customers need to know:

CUSTOMERS: Starting this week there will not be a pick up option at our main distribution location at Northwood Mall. All orders will be for either home or hub delivery. One exception is if you are buying plants or items that are Cottage Foods they will have to be picked up at Northwood (this is the only pick up allowed there at this time). Thank you for understanding our need to make these changes.

FARMERS/PRODUCERS: The Market will be open to receive your orders on Wednesday 3:30-6:00 pm and Thursday 7:30-9:00 am. With all the customers, we need more time for packing for delivery.  Please take advantage of the Wednesday timeframe if you can. 

  • Plants and cottage food products can be sold online but only for pick up at RHO.  Plants must be bagged with the customer’s name as well as the plant, marked clearly on the outside with a marker or printed label.

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1 Comment

Mar 30, 2020

RHO Much Needed; especially during this time!

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