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Sourdough Baking with Sarah Owens


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Sarah Owens is a nationally renowned sourdough bread baker, and winner of the James Beard Award for her book, Sourdough – recipes for rustic fermented breads, sweets, savories and more. Her latest book, Toast and Jam, gives us more creative breads and the spreads to match. She produces extraordinary breads in her bakery in Far Rockaway, NY.  Sarah is generous with her knowledge of working with ancient and unusual grains. It’s not just about bread. Whatever the season, she is in touch.


Students will learn two breads – a table loaf with whole grains and a sprouted buckwheat porridge bread. If time allows we will turn out a batch of toothsome sourdough crackers as well. Participants will take a loaf to bake at home.

An exceptional lunch will be provided.


This will be a workshop to remember!

Workshop Details

Saturday March 3, 2018 10am-2pm

Longview Farms - 1532 Concord Road, Havana, FL 32333 

$200.00/person - Workshop limited to 10 participants (registration and payment below)

Proceeds go directly to The Red Hill Small Farm Alliance

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